Want to boost your chances of getting featured in

Christmas gift guides and articles?

Get real time Christmas press requests, pitch templates and support to SAVE YOU TIME and GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE

to pitch your products to journalists this Christmas

You’re trying to get your products noticed...

...so you spend a lot of time on social media but the reach isn’t great and sales are slow. You know there's another or better way to reach new customers through PR because:

✔️ You've seen others getting their products in the press and know it’s skyrocketing their success

✔️ You see your competitors sharing that they've been featured in magazine and showing piles of orders

✔️ You watch as others welcome new followers because they’ve been featured in x, y and z magazines

You want a piece of this action and want to give it a go but then you start doubting yourself and think:

❌ Your business is too small to get featured

❌ You don't know who contact or what to say

❌ You'd annoy journalists with your emails

But what if I told you; journalists need your help and pitching is a lot easier

than you think.

This problem is…

When you’ve never done any PR before it feels overwhelming and scary.

I’ll be honest with you…in the beginning I struggled to get my clients in the press.
❌ I dived straight in, emailing any journalist I could find
❌ I’d always be too late pitching for gift guide coverage
❌ I was struggling to say everything I thought I needed in the pitch emails
❌ If I got a response it would say - "This isn't relevant to me. Remove from PR list"
❌ Then self doubt would take over and I’d become overwhelmed

And that’s when I finally realised:

I was overthinking it - I just needed to research, prepare, plan and most importantly keep it simple.


I landed my first full page feature in Woman & Home and since then have got clients coverage in Country Living, Vogue, Prima, Top Santé, Best, Daily Mail and more, as well as teaching other small product based businesses, just like you, to do the same.


✔️ Having a contact list of journalists who you KNOW would be interested in your products

✔️ Sending a pitch confident that it's what the journalist wants and needs
✔️ Being able to create a PR plan so you never run out of ideas to pitch
✔️ Growing your email list and making sales without relying on social media

Hi I'm Louise,

Over the last two years I’ve helped hundreds of product based businesses, just like you, have the confidence and start doing their own PR.

You can get YOUR products featured in magazines (without having to pay!) to reach new audiences and grow your business.

You just need to know the simple steps and have the confidence to do it!

Over 50 small business owners have been through my live Product PR Course to learn HOW to do their own PR and having HUGE success

The live course were so successful in helping business owners get coverage for their products that I knew I had to bring the course to as many others as possible. The problem was a lot of business owners weren't able to make the investment in time and money that live taught course involved. So, I have taken my unique R.I.P.P system and distilled everything down into a step by step self study course that every product business owner can afford and can go through in their own time.

Introducing...Christmas PR Wrapped Up

Get the information and tools you need that SAVE YOU TIME and GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE

to pitch your products to journalists this Christmas

It's time to stop relying on social media, try an alternative and
see what new opportunities open up for your business

Can you imagine...

⭐Opening your favourite magazine and seeing your product staring back at you in the Christmas gift guide

⭐Getting messages of congratulations from customers, friends and family when they find out you've been featured

⭐Growing your email list and making sales this Christmas without relying on social media

⭐Reaching new audiences and creating new opportunities for your product based business

Students have been featured in...

Stylist - Daily Express - Zoella blog - The Independent - The Green Parent - Pick Me Up! Chat - My Weekly - Baking Heaven - Best - Your Home - Homestyle - House Beautiful - Prima - The Sun - Bella - The Sun - Spirit & Destiny - Daily Mirror - Women's Weekly - glamourmagazine.co.uk - Woman
It's time to sparkle this festive season with
Christmas PR Wrapped Up.
Get the information and tools to maximise your the chances of getting featured
in gift guides and articles.

Real time Christmas

Press Requests

Details of Christmas gift guides and features including editorial contact with email address and deadline.

Reactive Email Pitch Templates

Two copy and paste email templates to help you confidently respond to

press requests.

How to Respond to a Press Request Training

A 30 minute mini-masterclass teaching you everything

you need to know to

confidently pitch.


Facebook Group

A dedicated space for group support with monthly Q&As and celebrating the press coverage wins.


  • 6 weeks of done-for-you Christmas content including a 6 email sequence, 24 social media prompts, 10 festive mini blogs and editable Canva templates

  • Worth £49


  • Real time Christmas gift guide press requests so you know you are pitching to the right journalist at the right time

  • Proven copy and paste email pitch templates and checklist so you know you're sending everything the journalist needs

  • How to Respond to a Press Request mini-masterclass so you know EXACTLY how to respond

  • How to Create a Cut Out Image walkthrough video so you can create press worthy cut out images

  • Monthly group coaching sessions so you can get your questions answered

  • Private Facebook group for group support

  • BONUS 6 weeks of done-for-you Christmas content

I’m here to help you maximise your chances of getting featured in the media this Christmas.

I know you’re fed up with social media and looking for another way to reach new customers, which is why I’ve created this course, to introduce you to PR and fill you with the knowledge and confidence to start doing your own PR.

You CAN do it!

Now’s the time to STOP thinking small and that PR isn’t for you. Let's get ready your business ready to shine in the media spotlight to help it grow.

I know what it's like running a product based business, I've been there with Kiss Air Candles and PR played a role in:
  • Being asked to collaborate on a number of projects including creating a candles for other businesses

  • Shops wanting to stock our products after seeing them in magazines

  • New followers on Instagram and Facebook and people joining our mailing list

  • Helping us get shortlisted in the Gift of the Years and national wedding awards

  • Sales - when our reed diffuser was in the Prima Christmas Gift Guide we sold 75 of them that weekend and a mention on the Daily Mail website bought in over £600 that day

...but none of these would've happened if we didn't get visible away from social media

"Christmas PR is worth its wait in gold. I can seriously and honestly vouch hot how awesome it is. Last year I sat in the fence till July then signed up and boom I got 3 pieces of publicity. One piece even led to a piece in May as I formed a good relationship with the journalist!"

- Ursh Stevens, Rockit Home
"I secured not one, but three press coverages in three fantastic and well known mediums - the independent indie best online, women’s weekly magazine and the daily express. As we all know it’s hard to track print sales but I know for a fact I have had a lot more traffic to my website the last few months but I have to say by far my inclusion in the independent Indie best online was by far my most successful. I still need to count all of the referrals I had but I know for a fact I have paid the course back and then some with all the orders I have had. If someone was to ask was it worth doing? Absolutely with pom Poms on top!!!"."

- Emma Rendall, Pom Stitch Tassel

Christmas PR Wrapped Up is for you if...

  • you want SAVE TIME because you'll know EXACTLY what Christmas gift guides and features journalists are working on and have the templates to reply with

  • you DON'T WANT TO RELY solely on social media the Christmas and set your business apart from the competition

  • you want to GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST and get MORE SALES but realise they may not be instant as PR is about the long game

It's not for you if...

  • you're looking for quick wins

  • you want guaranteed coverage (you need to place ads for that!)

  • you don't have 20 minutes a day to check and reply to requests

  • you want to stay where you are now in your business

Your Investment

A group program to help you maximise your chances of getting featured in Christmas press by giving you Christmas press requests, pitch templates and support to SAVE YOU TIME and
GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE to effectively pitch your products to journalists

JUST £294

  • Real time Christmas press requests until December 2023

  • Proven reactive pitch email templates

  • Pre-recorded trainings on responding to press requests and creating images for PR


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t know anything about PR, will I struggle?

NO. I break everything down into bite size chunks and only teach you what you need to know.

When can I expect to start getting requests?

Press requests are already coming inn and will continue to do so until December!

Where do you get the requests form?

I contact publications to get the details of the Christmas gift guides and features. I then share them with you, if the publications are happy for me to do so.

What magazines will the requests be for?

The requests will be for UK national and regional publications including print and online media. Last year requests included Prima, Red, Country Living, Your Hoe, Closeronline, MailOnline and This Morning.

Can you guarantee requests for magazines that I am interested in?

Unfortunately not. I will contact a diverse range of titles and the requests are dependent on the publication providing me with the details of the gift guides. But do ask, I will try!

How are the requests delivered? 

They are put into my course area, posted in the dedicated private Facebook and an email will is sent out with new requests.

Will I get press coverage?

Press coverage is never guaranteed. However Christmas PR Wrapped Up will ensure you are pitching your products to the journalists compiling Christmas Gift Guides and that is half the battle!

What support do I get?

You get notified of the press requests as they happen with pre-recorded training on how to respond along with pitch email template. There is also a dedicated private Facebook group for group support where I will be able to answer questions and do monthly group coaching calls. If you need 1:1 support you can book a Power Hour.

Do you offer refunds?

Afraid not, as when you sign up you get instant access to the trainings.

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